Wednesday, May 20, 2009


December 15-23, 2009

Please join Dr. Miles Neale on a Meditation and Yoga pilgrimage to the Matchu Picchu and the sacred lands of the Inkas in the South of Peru. The dates of the trip are December 15-23, 2009.

Join Dr. Miles Neals, a Contemplative Psychotherapist in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, for 10 days of pilgrimage retreat in the Matchu Picchu region. Our trip is a pilgrimage inwards aided by daily journeys to sacred sites. Our pilgrimage will take us to some of the most sacred and most magnificent natural sites in the South of Peru. We will journey to the most-magnificent Machu Picchu sanctuary, the Inka sacred valley, and hike through archeological ruins. We will participate in guided group meditations and Buddhist teachings. We will also enjoy daily Yoga practices under the guidance of Yoga teacher Emily Wolf, M.Ed, Ph.D. cand., and we will also meet and converse with local Indigenous Shamans.

We will travel to enjoy incredible natural sites and visit the people who still make those mountains, rivers, and valleys their home. We will take daily trips to special sites in the Cuzco region, learn the deeper meanings of their Indigenous archeological ruins, hike mountains and parks, participate in indigenous spiritual practices and tour the region and its incredible wonders.

Please review the application and registration forms in this site. For more information please write the tour operators: Community Development Partners For The Americas, LLC, at and/or call 914-439-7731.
(Tour operations for the Dr. Miles Neale Retreat and Tour are organized by CDPA, Community Development Partners For The Americas, and The Martin Buber Institute For Dialogical Ecology: Hune Margulies, Ph.D., Director, For all questions related to the trip you may contact Hune directly by writing to